This site is an interactive narrative of this great region. We encourage you to use the stories that are here and invite you to share yours.
In Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, we...
  • Believe in and support people with a passion and commitment to change.
  • Don't worry about who gets the credit, but rather what actually gets done.
  • Build upon our rich history in manufacturing, branding, finance, and business services to become a hub for consumer marketing.
  • Invest in social innovation to create a stronger economic base and impact community change.
  • Have assets that make for a great quality of life in any world-class city, but wrapped in an affordable, family-friendly package.
  • Capitalize on our natural beauty and cultural assets to improve quality of life for everyone living in our region.

The Story Project has engaged key community stakeholders in the development of a "master narrative" about the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region-the key themes that, when woven together, craft a powerful story that could only describe our region. This project is not about creating a new tagline or advertising campaign, but is instead about uncovering the essence of who and what we are as a region and why our unique qualities create an extraordinary place with rich resources and high potential. By capturing and communicating the "DNA" of our region, we can better inform public policy-making and target investments that support our greatest assets and capabilities.

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