Uncovering the unique attributes and characteristics of our region to tell a more cohesive and compelling story.

Blue LineThe Story Project has engaged community stakeholders in the development of a "master narrative" about the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region. When woven together, the five Story Project themes craft a powerful story that could only describe our region. 

This is not about creating a new tagline or advertising campaign, but is instead about uncovering the essence of who and what we are as a region and why our unique qualities create an extraordinary place.

Use the content in this online toolkit to tell these stories from your own point of view. Get started!


A Picture Perfect Postcard
Take a stroll through the majestic ins, outs, twists and turns of our region’s dynamic scenery. 

Everything You Need and Want Within Reach
We have great quality of life, wrapped in an affordable, family-friendly package. 

Our Heroes are Life-Sized
Our heroes aren’t up on any pedestals—they are on the ground with us accomplishing extraordinary things. 

We Have Staying Power
From historic leaders to budding start-ups, we have this unique blend of both staying power and progressive momentum. 

You Can Make A Difference Here
See why our region is a place where everybody can be somebody.