The Story Project has engaged key community stakeholders in the development of a “master narrative” about the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region—the key themes that, when woven together, craft a powerful story that could only describe our region. This project is not about creating a new tagline or advertising campaign, but is instead about uncovering the essence of who and what we are as a region and why our unique qualities create an extraordinary place with rich resources and high potential. By capturing and communicating the “DNA” of our region, we can better inform public policy-making and target investments that support our greatest assets and capabilities.

The creation of a master narrative provides a powerful platform for developing consistent and compelling messaging about our region for use with a wide range of audiences—economic development professionals, elected leaders and other policymakers, businesses we wish to attract, young professionals looking for a home, and so on. The practicality of this narrative comes from the belief that organizations, businesses, civic partners and individuals will use the narrative tools (e.g., words, pictures, video, sound)  in conjunction with their own messaging, finding something in the themes they can relate to and build upon.     

The Story Project steering committee, co-chaired by leaders from Duke Energy and Procter & Gamble, is comprised of a diverse group of civic, political and corporate leaders, members of the creative community, tourism groups, students, and young professionals.   

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