Deep Breath. Now Exhale: Ohio

Cincinnati hosts a unique spectrum of citizens: those who decide to venture to the region from around the world seeking new opportunities and change, and those who have been here their entire lives, comfortably woven into the tradition and culture intrinsic to the Queen City.

Today, blogger Devin Bustin calls Cincinnati “home” in his blog titled “Deep Breath. Now Exhale: Ohio” on the Epipheo Underground’s tumblr. The title “home” is not something that every place can achieve; a city must know how to welcome others into its borders with open arms. 

Bustin spent time in Montreal, Toronto, and Chicago before arriving in Cincinnati, where he remarks that he and his wife were finally ”content to be ourselves.” Cincinnati, he says, gave him time to “simply take – a – breath,” a luxury that most have to forego in the lightening-speed pace that time flies at today.

Perhaps it is because “Our Heroes Are Life-Sized” that Bustin feels at home here, as he recalls the humble beginnings of the city’s Roman founder, Cincinnatus.

Photo credit Colton Williams