How Cincinnati Stole My Heart

For Soapbox Media Publisher Dacia Snider, her romance with Cincinnati was not “love-at-first-sight”, but instead it was an on-going, progressive commitment that flourished as she became more invested in the Queen City. She returned here 15 years after interning in Cincinnati and developed a new-found perspective and loyalty:

“You see, in 2002, I was forced to view my city as a tour guide for hundreds of visitors when I was thrust into a leadership position on a local planning committee for a national conference,” writes Snider, in her How Cincinnati Stole My Heart article. “And I loved what I saw: what it meant to be committed to a neighborhood, the beauty of the buildings and the value of the people. From there, my romance with the city grew as I was exposed to more neighborhoods and met more people who gave a damn about where this city was headed.”

“Now this was a city where you could make a difference,” Snider remarks, referencing the people and their drive to both innovate and acclimate.

But Snider also commits herself here as a proponent of positive change, seeking to be the catalyst that kick-starts the movement to make a difference in Cincinnati. It is not just the city’s economic vitality, but its poverty; not just its innovation but its need for progress that keeps her in Cincinnati. She courts the city in an ambiguous relationship, both realizing its flaws to be changed and relishing its perfections to be celebrated.

When we say Our Heroes Are Life-Sized, we’re talking about people like Dacia Snider: she came to the city with a fresh start and instead of feigning apathy, she cultivates action through both Soapbox and her personal involvement to ensure that the Cincinnati story will someday be written with verbiage of growth and prosperity.

The end of the post echoes this anti-passivity of her message by listing ways that each reader can and should become involved with to improve city planning and progress. Check them out along with the rest of “How Cincinnati Stole My Heart” here.

Photo credit: Soapbox Media