Cincinnati, Please Don't Apologize

On July 18, 2012, The Cincinnati Enquirer published an opinion piece written by Tom Hankinson titled “Cincinnati, please don’t apologize.”  Hankinson, a lawyer who recently relocated from Chicago to Cincinnati, urges local residents to stop apologizing for their city and to take pride in the many first class amenities that are available here.  He compares Cincinnati to Chicago and states that local parks, Findlay Market, and area schools exceed similar amenities in Chicago, which highlights the theme “Everything You Need and Want, Within Reach.”  Further, Hankinson states that networking and meeting new people here can be easier here than in Chicago, reinforcing the theme “You Can Make a Difference Here.”

The article emphasizes that the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region has world class amenities and assets that make the region attractive, unique, and livable.  Hankinson concludes that this region has “history, strength, and shared set of values that we can draw upon to solve our problems. It doesn’t hurt to appreciate and celebrate those assets in the meantime.”  He also encourages to readers to visit the See Cincinnati webpage for more regional stories and opportunities to participate.

The article was so popular that is shared on Facebook by several thousand people and viewed by people from all over the world.