Why Other Cities Matter

Why Other Cities Matter_LargeZan McQuade is the editor of The Cincinnati Anthology, a written collection that communicates the story and spirit of Cincinnati.

Telling the Cincinnati story is a priority; others should be exposed to the Picture-Perfect Postcard that is Cincinnati, and how our businesses and partnerships support that We Have Staying Power. McQuade’s post, Why Other Cities Matter, echoes the importance of such anthologies, however, not just for Cincinnati, but for cities across the U.S.:

“Because, when it comes down to it, we are telling our stories because we think it’s important for other people to tell their stories too,” writes McQuade. “I want to read your anthology. I want you to talk about what is important in your city: what makes it so important to you, what about it inspires you in your daily life. Because other cities matter, and we don’t want to let the stories of these smaller American cities fade out, obscured by the brighter lights and bigger noises of larger cities with bigger names.”

McQuade evokes a sense of societal inquisition throughout Why Other Cities Matter, as she is genuinely curious about what makes other cities able to claim their own identity. Through this curiosity, she invites others to produce their own anthologies similar to the Queen City’s. She wants to hear about cities of any size, regardless of its success or acclaim – not just about the cities that make the news, but all cities that comprise the US. Through telling stories, we are weaving an intricate web across the 50 states that ultimately will unite America’s people, spirit, and hope.

Along with embodying the themes, McQuade’s writing and role as an editor for the Cincinnati Anthology parallels the Story Project’s mission. Her drive to tell our city’s story to contribute not just to Cincinnati, but to America, takes the Story Project a step further; expanding our microcosmic tales to a broad scope of national pride and identity.

“Do it because the differences are what makes this country’s patchwork beautiful, each little thumbtack a center from which these threads of stories radiate, weaving a glorious tapestry from sea to shining sea,” she writes.