We Have Staying Power

If the only constant is change, we are constant. The evidence is all around us, from our corporate giants that have successfully reinvented their industries in recent years (think Macy’s and the department store), to our growing list of medical breakthroughs, Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are transforming. From a strong base of 10 Fortune 500 companies and hundreds more industry leaders, we are increasing our capacity to innovate and grow. This isn’t new for us, for over our history we have morphed from pork processor to machine tool powerhouse to capital of consumer know-how. We honor our heritage and traditions, but with an eye always on the future. The Greater Cincinnati region is among a very few places in the U.S. that still make things, like soap and jet engines.

And our people? Well, we’re hard-working, smart-thinking, values-driven folks. That’s why we are tremendously loyal – to our families and friends, our schools and neighbors. From historic leaders to budding start-ups, our businesses and people continue to embody the tradition intrinsic to our region.

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Preparing for the World Choir Games

Emerging Economy
Cincinnati's Emerging Economy

Why Other Cities Matter
Why Other Cities Matter